Package org.kohsuke.youdebug

Class Summary
BundledBreakpointRequest Possibly multiple BreakpointRequests bundled into one unit for convenient use.
BundledEventRequest<E extends EventRequest> Multiple EventRequest bundled into one for single point of control.
BundledWatchpointRequest Multiple WatchpointRequests bundled to behave as one WatchpointRequest.
JDICategory Method augmentation on top of JDI for Groovy
ThreadList Maintains a list of ThreadReferences that are in the target VM.
VM Debugger view of a Virtual machine.
VMFactory Connects to VM in various ways.
YouDebug Entry point.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
FailedAssignmentException Indicates that the field assignment failed.
InvocationException Signals an error in invoking a method.

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